We put beautifully told visual stories into context.

Screen creates new production opportunities and distribution paths and audiences for original visual storytelling. Screen advocates for professional and citizen visual documentary work through screenings, exhibitions, training and interactive practices.



A collaborative, fluid and multi-layered visual narrative about the country, its people and the challenges it faces. The project displays the diversity of Pakistani interests and concerns, moving beyond a mass media focus that dwells on violence and conflict.


Screenplatform.org is an open-source online platform for collaborative production and editing of visual stories by both professionals and citizens. It also offers high-quality training in multimedia journalism.


A multichannel video installation piece that is curated from the videos uploaded by users into public domain and fragments from the news coverage. The installation focuses on showing the deep dissonance in the Russian daily life and the views of the polar sides representing Russian society.


Punctum magazine is a showcase of pan-Asian photography.



Liza Faktor is a transmedia producer and curator of visual documentary. She was the founding director of Objective Reality Foundation in Russia and a co-founder and director of Agency.Photographer.ru. She has developed documentary projects for multiple platforms, exploring distribution online and in public spaces.


Bjarke Myrthu is a multimedia producer and an advocate for technology and visual storytelling. He is the founder and CEO of Storyplanet, a company developing online tools for creating engaging multimedia content. He also co-founded Magnum in Motion.


James Wellford is a veteran picture editor and curator of documentary photography. He was the senior international photo editor at Newsweek magazine in 2000-2012. Prior to his Newsweek post, he edited the historical archives of the New York Daily News and worked as an editor at Gamma, SIPA, and Black Star agencies.


Ivan Sigal is a media producer, digital media advocate and photographer. He is the executive director of Global Voices, and has produced media projects around the world. He is also the author of White Road, a book of photography and writing about Central Asia, published by Steidl in 2012.


Frank Kalero is a curator, producer, filmmaker and master of communication. He is the founder of OjodePez documentary photography magazine in Spain and Punctum magazine in Asia, and works as a creative at the Brazilian film production company Bossanova. He is a publisher, an event creator, a new media producer, a gallerist, filmmaker, and an institution builder.